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About our Site
Welcome to the Distance Education Professional Development Center. This website serves participants enrolled in the Distance Education Certificate Program (DECP) and related Internet courses. The site's purpose is to provide an online learning environment and resources that support people's work in the program.

See the DECP Online Catalog for information about the Distance Education Professional Development courses, self-paced track, and online group track.

This website includes the following learning hubs:

gold square bullet References and Resources
The References and Resources section provides links to many distance education resources. Some resource links are made available to the public, including links to articles, journals, quality principles, reports, and tutorials.

gold square bulletLearner Support Services
Reserved for DECP participants, this area provides a variety of advising and support services to assist the distance learner. Included are links to advisors, orientation materials, skill inventories, technology tutorials, and other resources.

gold square bulletOnline Discussion Tools
For online discussion forums and Internet courses, the DECP program uses web technologies that include Learn@UW (Desire2Learn), Moodle, and MS Live Meeting.

Distance Education Professional Development
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The Distance Education Certificate Program is offered in affiliation with the Department of Administrative Leadership & Policy Analysis (ELPA) and the Office of Education Outreach.

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Distance Learning in Wisconsin
The University of Wisconsin System is recognized worldwide for its distance education programs, building on over 100 years of experience, leadership, and research. Its history dates to 1891 with correspondence study and to 1907 with the first radio broadcast adult education programs.

Today the university serves thousands of students and working-adults through a wide range of distance learning services, including

  • audio conferencing.
  • web conferencing.
  • interactive video conferencing.
  • satellite video.
  • video production studios.
  • internet and computer-mediated courses.
  • independent study.
  • CD-ROM, tape and DVD courses.
  • radio and television courses.

For more about distance learning resources at the University of Wisconsin see: